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Unitat de Nutrició Humana

La Unitat de Nutrició Humana està formada per investigadors de diferents orígens professionals, amb la missió de desenvolupar activitats relacionades amb la investigació alimentària, la nutrició i el metabolisme, potenciar la docència en nutrició i dietètica, assessorar i col·laborar en la indústria farmacèutica relacionada amb la nutrició i assessorar a la indústria agroalimentària.

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Aquest event es realitzarà durant l’any 2021. Properament s’informarà al respecte.

NUTS 2020 Conference
here we are and where we are going in research
(18-19 June, 2020 - Reus)

NUTS2020, taking place in June 2020, was designed as an international conference to serve as an inflectionpoint in nuts' and dried fruits' research. It is motivated by the increasing number of research regarding the beneficial effects of nuts and dried fruits and the need for a stop along the way to think about the conference's catchword "where we are and where we are going in research".We have more than enough data to prove and show the beneficial effects of nuts and dried fruits on different cardiometabolic conditions. However, it is now time to summarize and make interact all this evidence in order to generate synergies and properly try to modify health claims and guidelines that include both nuts and dried fruit consumption. NUTS2020 is a unique space to share the past, present, and future of nuts' and dried fruits' research.


Aquest event es realitzarà durant l'any 2021. Properament s'informarà al respecte.

38th International Symposium on Diabetes & Nutrition
Novel approaches on nutrition and diabetes: 2020 and beyond

(15-17June, 2020 - Platja d’Aro, Girona).

For us, it is a pleasure to introduce you the 38th International Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition, which will be held in Platja d'Aro, Girona, Spain, on June 17, 18 and 19, 2020. From the Organizing Committee and the Scientific Committee, we assume the challenge of organizing the most important Symposium on an international level, on Diabetes and Nutrition that will be held this year in our country.
The Diabetes and Nutrition Study Group (DNSG) of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) annually hold this Congress to present the latest advances in translational research in food, nutrition and diabetes and stimulate scientific debate in this area of knowledge. This Symposium brings together clinicians, researchers and industry in an innovative program that includes plenary sessions, panel discussions and debate as well as oral communications and posters to encourage the integration and participation of young researchers. We do all this with great enthusiasm and motivation, to create a high quality, attractive, and innovative scientific program. Therefore, the participation of the industry is an essential factor to transfer scientific and medical knowledge to the creation of solutions against the diabetes pandemic.
The Symposium will be developed without the concurrence of simultaneous rooms in a hotel somewhat separated from the city, which will mean the possibility of a great exchange among the attendees of the event, and will allow the sponsoring companies the possibility of interacting with all the attendees. For this reason, we request the participation of the industry as a sponsor of the Symposium and its recognition as a sponsor in an international event of great clinical, scientific and social impact. To facilitate the participation of the industry, a dossier has been created with different forms of participation and sponsorship so that they can assess the one that best suits their company.
We wait for you in DNSG 2020, we wait for you in Platja, d'Aro, Girona.



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